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What do your donors really see when they look at you?

A feasibility study takes the temperature of your donor base. It's a warm-up for your capital campaign and can help you answer critical questions before moving forward, such as:

  • Is this project actually compelling to our donor base or just to us?

  • Do we have enough donors and prospects who can make major gifts to our campaign?

  • Is this fundraising goal truly reachable for our organization?

  • Who is interested in being a volunteer or ambassador to our campaign?

  • Do our stakeholders view this project as a need they can get behind?

  • Are there competing projects in the community that have the potential to impact the success of our project?

  • What are the most attractive components of the project?

  • Is now the right time for us to launch this campaign?  


A study also provides an opportunity for you to engage supporters in your project early on, using a method that is trusted by philanthropists, and presented by experts in the fundraising field.

Simply put, it's a snapshot of how your donors really see you that can serve as a strong base for your campaign plan (and save you time and resources down the road).

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