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Katrina Lynn Pierson

Founder & Certified Fundraising Executive

I am a consultant, coach, creative, yogi, and mother from Duluth, MN who loves to

travel, hike, swim, and sail.


I've dedicated my career to supporting nonprofit leaders in my work as a storyteller and consultant. Before joining HBH Consultants and later, co-founding Vela Strategy and Katrina Lynn, I served in multiple roles including development director, communications specialist, grant writer, board chair and freelance content strategist. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Mass Communications/Video Production. I am a Certified Fundraising Executive, a former Hubert Project Fellow and Co-Author at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and an awardee of the St. Cloud Times "5 Under 40" Award. I have consulted on major projects with theaters and galleries, foundations, hospitals, colleges, housing organizations, advocacy and social justice groups, environmental organizations and in public media.


I've trained and taught thousands of nonprofit executives and board members in my work and have been a speaker for the Minnesota Planned Giving Council, Propel Nonprofits, The Blandin Foundation, the Initiative Foundation, and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. I am an ex-officio ambassador to Leave a Legacy Minnesota, a youth baseball coach, and volunteer advisor to Evolve Yoga Duluth, a nonprofit yoga and fitness center in downtown Duluth.

I believe that every person has something of value to contribute to their community and that our lives are worth living because of our connections to people and communities we care about.


Strengths Finder Strengths: Empathy,

Strategic, Futuristic, Positivity, Activator

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